Mac VS PC... again

2008-05-15 14:04:19 by Jerbeh

I made another MAC Vs PC advert...

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I don't think it's better then my other one.. but whatever.


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2008-05-15 14:16:18

It's kinda like an anti-commercial. I like it.


2008-05-15 14:45:43

The mac commercials used to be funny now they are just TRASHING vista and Microsoft it's almost depressing how desperate Apple is getting.


2008-05-15 14:49:39

was that the guy from jeepers creepers? looks like him 0_0


2008-05-15 15:20:33

Its cool how you mixed up the voices I was like WHAT THE FUCK.

Macs corrupted my coursework and I cant do 3D work on em >=(
fuck macs an their stupid pinwheel


2008-05-15 15:22:24

Oh come on, you can't think they're desperate just because their ads suck. Believe me, they're fine. Nobody in the Steve Jobs club is jumping off of any buildings.

This video is awesome by the way.


2008-05-15 16:58:23

Yeah I like it :)
I use a mac, but I'm just ashamed of those stupid commercials they make...
Great work! So true! :)


2008-05-15 21:10:51

I like both Mac & PC.

Mac can do things PC can't, and PC can do things Mac can't such as playing all 100 of my computer games (Mac can't do that)