Entry #1

Date at Eight

2007-08-02 11:30:37 by Jerbeh

I uploaded an animation to youtube yesterday.

It was an animation I did back in 2005.

I would have uploaded it to newgrounds but it was too large.

anyway, here she is:


Screen Shot from "Date at Eight" :

Date at Eight


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2007-08-02 11:46:13

Is there not a way of compacting the file size more? You can always PM Tom to see if he can sort anything out.

Jerbeh responds:

the way I made it was pretty retarded.
There are almost no symbols and everything was done frame by frame.

Optimizing it for NG would take awhile.


2007-08-02 14:39:11

That's a shame.


2007-08-02 14:51:32

great little toon.
the bit where he finally makes it to her house and she's got a fire extinguisher definitely makes it worthwhile


2007-08-02 15:10:14

Youd get a 4+ score if you submitted here. So look into that.


2007-08-02 15:44:36

How big is it? If its less than about 25mb, if you PM an admin they'll add it up. Siriously, it would be a great thing to do - no ones gunna care too much about the filesize.